Tarmac Driveway

We lay new Tarmacadam Driveways - long or short driveways & Paths

About Tarmacadam

The material of tarmacadam consists of tar and broken stone and naturally is a dark coloured, bituminous material that can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation. When compressed the broken stones are held together by the tar giving the look and finish of a long lasting and highly durable tarmacadam surface.

Extremely Durable



Cost-effective – less construction time and materials to reduce the stretch on your budget.

Faster construction time and less disruption to the road or pathway users.

An alternative to the use of geo-textiles.


Tarmac surfaces, if damaged or weather worn can be repaired


Removed grass and dug out an area in order to install a tarmac hard standing area for off road parking

Laid hardcore and bedded down

levelled area for drive


Laid tarmac and levelled, rolled flat for car standing area.


The Process

Setting the Base & Edges



The tarmacadam mixture is laid while hot and viscous, levelled and compacted, and then allowed to cool so that it binds to form a solid, hard-wearing surface. Wherever possible, tarmacadam driveways should be laid using a paving machine as this ensures the best compression and therefore finish. Sometimes it is not possible to use a machine in areas such as small garden paths, but your contractor will use alternative methods.