Resin Bound Drive

Resin Bound Driveway

Complete with path

Resin Bound


This type of paving is made from a mixture of shingle, quartz or crushed granite. The elements are pushed through a mix process to ensure that each grain is coated with a clear UV stable polymer resin.

Water Penetrable
However, resin bound surfaces allow water to drain through, acting as a sieve and allowing the water to flow naturally into the water table.

Additional Information

A permeable resin bound driveway enables water to drain away to the water table, not allowing surface run-off and ensuring the sustainability to the surrounding planted areas. Installation times are greatly reduced when compared block paving etc. and are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

Semi-Permiable Surface

No Planning Needed

Reduced Chance of Puddles/Ice

Over 20 Standard Colours

Custom Colours

Weed Resistant

Partly Flexible


Preparation is the key. The original concrete surface was worn, cracked and had a few areas where the concrete had crumbled and left holes.

The surface was thoroughly cleaned, removing any dirt and debris, holes and cracks were filled in.

Once the final touches to the base were complete, the resin mixture was ready to be laid.


The resin bound driveway fully installed, complete with the drain cover to match, and path leading to the rear of the property.

The Law

There have been recent changes made to planning permission law, and in particular, new legislation has been introduced to reduce the amount of surface run off water and the risk of floods in settlements across the UK.

Beginning in 2008, if a new driveway project or front paved area uses a permeable surfacing system such as resin bound gravel you will not require planning permission.

Resin style paving avoids not only the need for planning permission, but also the need for additional drainage systems.

Resin Bound Drive

Preparation for installing a Resin Bound Driveway


The resin is mixed with the aggregate and poured on to the surface of the drives

The resin mix is then troweled so the surface is flat and smooth

Resin surfacing can be used on most surfaces without the need to dig up the existing driveway.

It's a good surface for paths and patios too.



A wide variety of colours are available for Resin Driveways, Paths and Patios.

Before & After


All the groundwork is prepared - removal of the old driveway if the surface isn't suitable, levelling the area, laying a tarmacadam base.


Finished - resin bound driveway, smooth surface, red aggrigate resin driveway with a yellow aggrigate resin border to contrast.